Thursday, 31 October 2013

Age-old Dipali festival gets off in Barisal, Bangladesh

The Hindu community across the district will observe Shamshan Dipali Utsav at Maha Shamshanghat on friday, plus Dipabali and Diwali Utsav in their houses.
The special religious festival of Barisal Hindu community has a history of traditional worship of more than 160 years dating back in 1850.
The religious fervour takes place at the night before Kali Puja for blessings of the departed souls of near and dear ones.
Narayan Chandra Dey Naru, secretary, Barisal Maha Shamshan Rakkha Committee, said the Hindu community had been observing Maha Shamshan Dipali festival since 1850 only in Aadi Shamshan Ghat of Natun Bazaar and Maha Shamshan Ghat of Kawnia, two crematoriums in Barisal city.  
Thousands of people from across the district attend the festival every year.
From Thursday, devotees started offering flowers and foods through rituals (Puja) and special prayers at the Shamshan Ghat for eternal blessings of the departed souls of their dear and near ones.
The organisers of the festival said several “Fanus” – colourful gas-filled Balloons, would be released in the sky at the night of Maha Shamsan Dewali at the Shamshan Ghats.
The religious festivity will also be marked by an arrangement of fair in the area accommodating stalls for sweetmeats and traditional toys.
The Maha Shamshan Ghats at Kawnia Marokkhola and Aadi Shamshan Ghat of the Natun Bazar areas in the city will see thousands of members of Hindu community pour in from across the district.

The houses of the Hindus would be decorated with lighting on this occasion.
The act of worship of Maha Shamshan Kali would start from early Saturday and the entire crematorium would be decorated. Security has been intensified by the law enforcers.
The lawmen were patrolling the city roads leading down to the Shamshan Ghats for ensuring safety and security of the devotees and maintaining peaceful interreligious harmony and coexistence, said Md Shamsuddin, Barisal Metropolitan Police Commissioner.
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