Thursday, 5 December 2013

BJP asks Bangladesh to stop atrocity on minorities

BJP on Thursday urged Bangladesh to stop alleged atrocities on the minority Hindus living there during the ongoing political unrest over the forthcoming general elections on December 5.

A seven-member delegation of the BJP from West Bengal, including its president Rahul Sinha, met Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner Abida Islam and submitted a memorandum.

"The information we are getting from Bangladesh speak of attacks on the minority Hindus there. Along with the Hindus we are also receiving information about attacks on Christians and Buddhists," the memorandum said.
Alleging that the "atrocities on minorities in Bangladesh have taken an alarming proportion since last month", it said, "We respect Bangladesh's sovereignty but we are failing to understand why your country is not stopping them?"
"We have nothing to do with the political violence in that country, but that should not take a communal turn", Sinha said."We are also pressuring the India government so that the matter is taken up at a diplomatic level," it said.
Party leaders, including Tathagata Roy, a former state BJP chief, also staged a sit-in demonstration on College Street in the central part of the city over the issue.
Sinha later said, "We will wait for one month and if there is no improvement, we will take up a 'Bangladesh Chalo' movement."

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